// voice over IP

Even with all the different ways businesses need to communicate today, sometimes thereís still no substitute for good old-fashioned conversation. Voice Over IP is an advanced alternative to traditional phone service that utilizes your Internet connection instead of a phone line, helping to unify your communication networks and improve collaboration.

If your business has multiple branches, a Voice Over IP system allows your team members to still communicate as though they were all in the same office. You can reach a colleague by dialing four digits, even if youíre in Birmingham and sheís in Savannah.

If you leave your desk, the Find Me/Follow Me function forwards all your calls to your mobile phone, so you donít miss a beat. The built-in Presence feature allows your colleagues to see whether youíre available or on another call, instead of just blindly forwarding a call to ring in your ear. And the Voicemail to Email function is also incredibly convenient, allowing you to listen to your voicemail from a computer or smartphone, even when you canít get to your phone.

In addition to the convenience of VoIP, the total cost of ownership is significantly less than traditional phone service. So, itís pretty much better in every single way, from where weíre standing.

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