// cloud server resources

You may have heard the term “cloud” recently, in reference to computers. In fact, it would probably be difficult not to have heard it, as it’s become one of the biggest buzzwords in technology.

Well, we’ve been providing cloud services before someone even decided to call them that. But what does it mean for you? Let’s say your business has need for a server resource, whether it’s to host your website, to run an Enterprise Resource Planner, or for some other business-critical application. But the thing is, servers are expensive. Like, really expensive.

Instead of having to purchase your own server, you can rent a “virtual server” in our cloud. We allocate space for your business on our own group of state-of-the-art servers, based on your needs. And our cloud servers are scalable, so if your business needs more space, you just rent more space.

The use of our cloud servers can also mean access to your important files and documents remotely and securely. It means that our redundant backups are always available to save your skin. It means that your business is more mobile, agile and versatile.

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